Strong and Safe



• Educate women and girls to identify threat, avoid danger and escape attack.

• Elevate women and girls to recognize their inner strength and intuition.

• Empower women and girls through effective easy-to-understand self-defense training.


Women and girls continually face threats to their safety and sense of well-being. In fact, think about all of the women in your life. Now consider that one in every four of them will be sexually assaulted or raped in her lifetime. We provide information and classes to combat these assaults, and give our students the tools necessary to take charge of their own safety. Wouldn't it feel good to move through daily challenges with a sense of confidence and awareness rather than fear and anxiety? Just by taking this step to think about these issues, you dramatically reduce your odds of becoming a victim. Learn to recognize threats, set and hold boundaries, avoid conflict and, if necessary, fight… escape... SURVIVE. 


At Strong & Safe, we offer workshops and classes designed for women, by women. They address the range of concerns we have about our bodies, our safety, our lives. While the issues are life-or-death serious, the classes are fun. Our high energy approach makes learning this sensitive material both enjoyable and comfortable. Whether addressing self-protection, body image or healthy fitness habits, we provide a safe environment for discussing difficult topics.


We offer training for girls and women of all ages, all backgrounds and all levels of fitness and experience. The body image and empowerment workshops, while often geared toward adolescent girls, speak to the concerns we all have, regardless of age. Boundary setting and self-defense workshops require no previous martial arts training.  We teach you to optimize the natural strengths we have as women, while minimizing the strengths of our attackers.

We offer private sessions, designed to your needs, as well as regularly scheduled workshops that are open to the public. 

Some of the groups we empower include:

•Grade Schools, High Schools and Colleges

•Charity and Church Organizations

•Girl Scout Troops

•Mothers and Daughters

 •Girls’ Day Out

•Corporate/Work Groups


Strong & Safe founder Denise Rejent-Lee has spent decades building knowledge and experience in women's safety, resulting in her comprehensive and integrative approach. She is a 2nd degree black belt in taekwon-do, has a BA in Psychology, MA in Sociology, law degree, and is pursuing graduate studies in Forensic Criminology - all with focus on violence against women. She is a former attorney, with pro bono work in DV proceedings, and current Victim Advocate with the Phoenix Fire Department. Her extensive training in traditional boxing, martial arts, kickboxing and self-defense technique add essential fight training expertise. She has been teaching self-defense and fitness since 2005 in the Phoenix area, where she lives with her husband, three teenagers and a large dog.


"Because I am worth defending."

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