Strong and Safe



Survival. In any attack situation, that is the ultimate goal. When a woman is assaulted by a man, what is most likely to prevent her from reaching this goal?

 Well, men tend to be physically larger than women. Is it the size disparity?


 In most tests of sheer force, men generally prove stronger. So is it his ability to overpower her?


 The biggest obstacle to survival is mindset. You are starting from the assumption that your attacker thinks like you do. You are imposing your standards of human interaction, your understanding of the “social contract”, as we all are conditioned to do. In any circumstances, we see the world through our own lens, crafted from our experiences, beliefs and values. In most cases, we all operate under certain “bottom line” agreements, regardless of our differences.

 But let’s look at what we’re dealing with here. You would not steal from, terrorize or intentionally injure another human being. You cannot fathom holding such a worldview. So why do you think your attacker will respond to your sense of reason? Why do you think he will act in accordance with basic standards of decency and compassion? He has shown his inability or unwillingness to value your existence. He is telling you that he wants to harm you and has no regard for whether you live or die. Believe him.

 Don't waste time fretting over the whys, hows or "it just shouldn't be's". It is. Decide in advance that understanding does not matter. In that moment – and you only have moments – what matters is that you ACT. Don't hesitate. Don't question. Fight … escape … survive.

 You are worth it.


"Because I am worth defending."

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