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Here's what our clients and colleagues are saying:


"Denise Rejent-Lee does an outstanding job with her presentation empowering women and teaching lifesaving self-defense concepts.  She is a pleasure to train with because of the passion she brings to her work.  Her seminars are packed full of statistics and information for awareness and when you combine that with the “hands on” self-defense and reality role playing drills she teaches, this is a program that is unequaled.  As her instructor in Taekwon-Do and having worked with her for more than 15 years, training 1000’s of women, men and children, I know her qualities, skills and abilities to be the very best."  

Master David Karstadt, 8th Degree Black Belt, Owner/Master Instructor Karstadt Taekwon-Do, Unified-International Taekwon-Do Schools of America


"Denise Rejent-Lee is an educator whose heart, soul, body and mind are vested in women's well being, far beyond just the physical aspects of self defense and fitness. She instructs no nonsense, no frills self defense. The program is designed to build confidence and awareness. Understand the realities of a violent confrontation: How to avoid it, how to deal with it quickly and efficiently in our fast paced environment. No one has 10 years + to learn a life saving fighting skill set. Denise has designed a program that will get you up to speed fast. Highly Recommended. Register for one of Denise's programs NOW! They fill up FAST!"

Anthony Harwood, ICCS Krav Maga Chief Instructor / Director USA


"As a real estate agent, I'm exposed to potentially harmful situations every time I hold an open house or show a property.  Some agents carry pepper spray, a taser or even a gun. Not seeing the practicality of those choices, I instead took a class at Strong & Safe Self-Defense from Denise Rejent-Lee.  The skills and tools I learned, armed me with confidence while performing my job as well as everyday activities.  Denise has a no-nonsense approach ... the info was enlightening and fun! Thanks, Denise ... time for refresher course!" 

Dottie T., Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


"Since I am a fitness director, I have scheduled and attended a few self-defense classes for women.  The Strong and Safe Women's Self-Defense class is by far the best one I have been to.  It takes you out of your comfort zone, which I think is an integral part to the program.  Denise brought an assistant who put on protective gear and played the part of an assailant and we got to try out some techniques.  Not only is Denise knowledgeable, but extremely positive and supportive.  

I think it is a great experience for moms and daughters, and I will be taking mine to a class soon!  Thanks, Denise!"

Suzy W., Fitness Director


"My daughters (ages 13 and 14) and I learned so much at the Women’s Self-Defense workshop.  The class was the perfect balance of learning critical information and practicing hands-on self-defense techniques.  The most important things that I left the class with are a level of confidence that my daughters now have the knowledge and awareness to hopefully prevent an attack and, if ever confronted with an attacker, have tools to effectively defend themselves."  

Suzanne B., Attorney


"I can't say enough about what a wonderful experience it was to participate in a Strong & Safe Women's Self-Defense workshop. I attended with my teenage daughter and I am confident that we are more prepared and aware of what we need to do to keep ourselves safe. My favorite part of the workshop was defending myself against the "mugger"; I can still hear the group of women cheering me on ... hopefully I'll never need to put the skills I learned to use, but I know how strong I'll feel with all those women behind me if I do." 

Annemarie M., Preschool Director


I enrolled in the Strong and Safe workshop with my high-school-aged daughter in order for her to learn how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Denise teaches a fast-paced mix of situations, statistics and vital hands-on training using the strength of one's own body. I now feel more empowered in parking lots, meeting new clients and early morning outdoor exercise. I hope it’s training that neither of us ever need to employ, but it just might be the exuded confidence from this workshop that avoids an occurrence that might have otherwise happened.   

Karen H., Runner, Business Owner

"Because I am worth defending."

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